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Tucker Cambodian Mission



The Tuckers, Lay Missionaries, are St. Paul Parishioners who are helping children with HIV/Aids to live as normal a life as possible. Their organization, "New Hope for Cambodian Children" (NHCC), provides these children with food support, medical transportation, school support and hospital support.


Christmas '17 in Cambodia with the Tuckers and New Hope for Cambodian Children


NHCC is working in partnership with the Cambodian Government in Phnom Penh and in 8 different provinces. In many cases these children have lost their parents to AIDS and are now living with very poor extended families. These children are on what is called "Home Base Care." NHCC field workers visit them in their homes. They make sure the child is receiving proper food, medication, and that it is given to the child on time. All medications are checked weekly. NHCC provides these children with food, transportation to and from the hospital (so they can access treatment), school uniforms and school supplies. Bikes are also provided to children to go to school if they live too far away to walk. Field workers monitor all of the children to insure that they are going to school.

NHCC also operates a "Village" for those children with HIV/AIDS who are orphans or abandoned. The Village consists of 24 houses, each of which has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, to house 8 children and a loving, care-giving couple. The children go to local schools in the morning and they have classes in the Village in the afternoon.

The Parish supports the Tuckers in their mission by direct monetary contributions, by individual parishioners sponsoring one or more of the children, and until recently, by serving as a sales outlet for the quilts made by HIV positive women. These quilters are widows who were unable to provide tor their families until they joined the quilting project in Phnom Penh. Since the start of the project, the quilters have produced and sold over 5000 quilts. They are now participating in other income generation projects initiated by NHCC.

Father Richard has visited the Tuckers in Cambodia, and has shared his admiration with the Parish for the outstanding program that has been established there. Talk with him if you have questions.

To get personally involved in supporting NHCC's mission, please note the following contact information:

NHCC Overseas Mailing Address:  NHCC, P.O. Box 2490, Phnom Penh 3, Cambodia.
Website: www.newhopeforcambodianchildren.com .
To Volunteer in Cambodia, send an email to: nhcc-2006@hotmail.com .
[Volunteers are welcome - groups or individuals/help with pre-school, English lessons, assist with care and feeding/contact the Tuckers for more information.]
To telephone John or Kathy:  Tel: 012-815-918.
Local Mailing Address for Donations: NHCC, P.O. Box 690597, Killeen, TX 76549.
(Checks can be made out to "NHCC." Donations are IRS tax deductible per 501(c)3 regulations. Children in the provincial out-reach program are sponsored at $20 per month. Children in the "Village" are sponsored at $40 per month [Partial Support], or $160 per month [Full Support].


"Dear Friends of NHCC,
Kathy, John,  staff, teachers and the children of NHCC wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
As we look back on 2017, we are thankful for the continued support of friends and donors. 2017 was extremely tight financially for us because
we accepted into our care 87 new children in 2016. It has taken time to arrange new sponsors and donors to cover the care of these special children. We are
very grateful to old friends and faithful donors who helped NHCC through this crisis. 
In March, the grade 12 school building was completed by volunteers from Salesforce and Google. In August, our grade 12 students took the Cambodia National Exam.
Seven seniors took the Exam (and all seven passed).... In September, NHCC International School began its fifth year  providing classes
from Kindergarten to grade 12.   In July, we celebrated the 11th anniversary of the founding of NHCC....
On December 25, Santa (came) to NHCC with gifts for all the children (photo above).
We are very grateful to our volunteers, teachers, staff, donors and sponsors for helping us care and support the best kids in the world.

With much love,

John and Kathy Tucker"






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