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" O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saviour of the world and source of all holiness, we ask You to implant in the hearts of young men and women in this parish, a call to serve You as priests or religious, either for the Diocese or for Missionary work. Give them the guidance and courage to answer Your call, so that they may give themselves completely in Your service, without reservation. This we ask through Christ, Our Lord. Amen."

This Prayer is said at every weekend Mass here at St. Paul in recognition of the continuing shortage of priests and religious in the Catholic Church, both here in the United States and in the world at large. The shortage of Catholic chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces is also acute. The "Vocation Cross" initiated by our Pastor provides emphasis on this need, and will hopefully encourage vocations within our Parish Community.

Similar to a "novena" which is a prayer with a specific intention offered for nine days in a row, the Vocation Cross Prayer is offered for 7 days. Day one is the Saturday or Sunday you accept the Cross at the end of Mass. As a family, you are asked to say this prayer for that day and each of the following six days, and then return the Cross to Church on the following Saturday or Sunday. There is a separate Vocation Cross for each weekend Mass. A sign-up list is posted on the Church bulletin board. Please take your family's turn in offering this "novena" for an increase in vocations...especially from St. Paul Chong Hasang Parish! 

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"Dear God, I often wonder what my life will become and how I can best use the gifts and talents You have so lovingly given me. I am sometimes puzzled and scared by all the choices I will have to make. What do You want of me, God? How shall I serve Your people? What are You calling me to do and to be? Help me to listen to Your voice within me. Give me the courage to make choices that will benefit others - and not just myself. Help me be a positive influence on others, someone who reflects Your light and glory, someone who offers Your love and compassion. Enlighten me, dear God, as I ponder these things.
Walk with me please, and keep Your guiding hand on me as I try to do Your Holy Will. Amen."
~ (From the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, M.S.C.)

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Future Priests
(M.S.C. Brochure Photo, undated)


1.   Has an awareness of God's presence
2.   Has a personal relationship with God
3.   Prayer is an important and vital part of his or her life
4.   Is involved in his or her local parish or faith community
5.   Has a desire to serve others and make a difference in people's lives
6.   Is motivated by the mission of Jesus and has the ability to articulate it
7.   Is willing to sacrifice personally for the service of the Gospel and the church
8.   Is approachable
9.   Is psychologically and socially mature
10. Has shown the capacity and evidence of living a chaste celibate life
11. Has the ability to collaborate with women and men
12. Takes initiative and assumes responsibility for his or her actions
13. Recognizes the importance of the church and sees the church as teacher
14. Possesses the skills of self-mastery and discipline
15. Has healthy relationships with men, women, and children
16. Has common sense, good physical and emotional health
17. Is capable of undertaking studies in philosophy and theology
18. Recognizes the need to both give and accept support from others
19. Possesses a keen sense of empathy
20. Has leadership skills
21. Regularly receives the Catholic sacraments
22. Has the ability to nurture another person's growth
23. Is open to and respectful of all people
24. Is a person of integrity.
(Adapted from Priestly Life and Vocation Summit: Fishers of Men, a production of the USCCB Bishop's Committee on Vocations and the Bishop's Committee on Priestly Life and Ministry, October 2005)



"...Women and men who think God may be calling them to religious orders have the additional step of discerning exactly which order (e.g. Religious Order - Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, or Jesuit Brother, or Priest for the Diocese, or a separate Order as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, or the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Because there are many orders all over the country and world, this can be a difficult process. 'A young woman may begin exploring a religious community she knows, and may explore other options through the Internet. She may begin a dialog with a vocations director for an order and attend a come and see weekend retreat,' Father McMaster said...."

"The diocesan Vocation Office is prepared to inform, advise and help men and women who want to discover whether God is calling them to the priesthood or religious life. For more information, contact [Rev. Jonathan Raia, Vocations Director, fr-jonathan-raia@austindiocese.org., (512) 949-2430; or, Julie Gray, Administrative Assistant, Julie-gray@austindiocese.org, (512) 949-2430]. *

* ("Austin Diocese leads Texas with 46 Seminarians," by Mary P. Walker, Sr. Correspondent, Catholic Spirit, Vol. 27, no. 11, December, 2009, pg. 8.) / Note: Brackets contain updated POC information/.


MEN'S DISCERNMENT DINNERS ARE FOR SINGLE CATHOLIC MEN  (high school-adult) with an openness to discerning a priestly vocation. The evenings include dinner and evening prayer with discussions about the priesthood, seminary and discernment. The high-school men's group meets on first Wednesdays at 7 pm in the Religious Education Building of St. William Parish in Round Rock. To R.S.V.P.: Contact Fr. Francisco at 512.255.4473, or frfrancisco@saintwilliams.org

The group for men 18 and older meets on second Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Borromeo House of Discernment, 905 B Duncan Lane in Austin. To R.S.V.P.: Contact Fr. Jonathan Raia at 512.949.2430 or fr-jonathan-raia@austindiocese.org .

For more information, visit www.austinvocations.com. **

** Bulletin Board, FYI, Catholic Spirit, Vol. 34, No. 2, February, 2016.



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