Parish Wedding Coordinator is Sylvia Schnapp, 254-698-2990 or 254-291-3474.

St. Paul Chong Hasang is a place of beauty, quiet and reflection. Because it is a house of God, we expect that a sense of reverence be honored in the Church at all times. We want couples to feel comfortable and enjoy the celebration, and we will extend a gracious hospitality to guests of all faiths. All wedding party members and guests must be dressed appropriately.

The following information will assist you in planning your special day. Following these guidelines will ensure that the ceremony is all you want it to be, and that Church facilities will be properly maintained. For more information, please contact the Wedding Coordinator, Sylvia Schnapp at 254-698-2990 or 254-291-3474.


  1. Eligibility:  Either the bride or groom must be a registered, practicing parishioner, and both must be free to marry in the Catholic Church. (According to Church law, a baptized Catholic is to marry in his or her parish of residence.)

  2. Initial Meeting: The couple must meet with Father Richard at least nine months prior to the day of the ceremony. Please contact Fr. Richard at (254-698-4338) to make an appointment.

  3. Diocesan Marriage Preparation Retreat: The couple needs to attend the “Together in God’s Image’ retreat. Please make arrangements at least nine months prior to the day of the ceremony as it fills up fast. To register contact the Austin Diocese at and click on “Ministries of the Diocese;” find “Family Counseling & Family Life” or "Family Life Office," and then locate “Marriage Preparation Information” for your forms to download.  Holy Family Parish in Copperas Cove also offers the Marriage Preparation Retreat. Please contact Deacon Tim at 254-547-1284 or for information and dates. Forms may be downloaded from

  4. Documents You Will Need:
    • A Newly Issued Copy of Baptismal Certificate (with notation of Confirmation). This certificate must be dated no more than six (6) months before the time it is turned in. It is required for the Catholic party. Call the church where you were baptized and ask them for a NEWLY ISSUED BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE.
    • Other Faiths also need proof of their Baptism.
    • Annulments:  Please see Fr. Richard.

  5. Civil Marriage License:  This is obtained from the County Clerk. There is a waiting period of 72 hours before the license may be used, and it expires in thirty (30) days. A wedding ceremony cannot be conducted until you present a valid marriage license. For any acceptations and more information, please call the Bell County Clerk at 254-933-5168.  YOUR LICENSE MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE REHEARSAL.

        6. Servers:  If there will be a Mass included in the wedding ceremony, an Acolyte and/or Altar Servers are required. Please ask the Wedding Coordinator for suggestions.


We expect everyone to be respectful of our Church and its furnishings. There is no smoking, drinking, food, chewing gum or alcoholic beverages allowed in the Church at the time of the rehearsal, nor on the day of the wedding. Any indication that members of the wedding party have been drinking may result in cancellation of your wedding, or the offending parties may not be allowed to participate.


  1. A financial offering of at least $100 – to the Priest – is traditional and appreciated.
  2. There is a fee to cover the use of the Church.
    Please make checks payable to St. Paul Chong Hasang:
    (Parishioners  -  $300)
    (Non-parishioners  -  $600)
  3. All fees and offerings are due at the rehearsal.
  4. A financial stipend is expected for the following (if applicable):
    • Organ / Piano Player (if supplied by St. Paul)

  5. Inventory for Marriage Preparation:  The couple needs to take the FOCCUS assessment. Please contact the Wedding Coordinator, Sylvia Schnapp, at 254-698-2990 (or 254-291-3474) to schedule the meetings.

  6. Allowable Dates & Times:  No weddings on Sundays, Holy Days, Good Friday or Holy Saturday.  Saturday weddings cannot be later than 3 pm. Clean up and clearance must be completed by 4:30 pm.

  7. Wedding Reception:  The New Parish Center and facilities are available for your convenience. Please contact Buzz at 254-698-4110 for information, arrangements and booking.


  1. Flowers:  All flowers in the sanctuary must be live flowers. Off the altar area (in the body of the church) silk flowers are allowed. A maximum of three (3) displays are permitted. One in front of each rostrum and one on the front wall pedestal, left (as viewed from the pews) of the altar.  
    Recommended:  Flowers & Gifts with Amor (254-680-2667) or Christell’s (254-526-6616). You may take or leave all flowers in the church after your wedding.

  2. Pews:  Only pew bows may be used, but they must be attached without tape, staples, tacks, wire or nails. No ribbons blocking pew entrances or resting on the floor. (This mounting restriction applies to ALL decorations.)

  3. Unity Candle:  A unity candle may be used and needs to be provided by the bride and groom. The Church has a holder to use, or you may provide your own.

  4. Arch, Aisle Runners & Candelabra:  These are not permitted.

  5. Rice, Rose Petals, Confetti, Bubbles or other materials to be thrown or otherwise used in or out of Church are not permitted.  (This activity should be reserved for the reception following the ceremony.)


  1. ‘Flash’ pictures may be taken as the wedding party enters and leaves the Church, during group pictures, and at the altar following the ceremony. Once the bride and groom reach the altar and during the ceremony, NO FLASH PICTURES ARE ALLOWED. Photographers need to be dressed appropriately.

  2. If a video is made, the videographer may be with the camera at the altar during the precession, but then the camera must be left unattended on a tripod. No photographer or camera person is allowed in the altar area during the ceremony.

  3. Photographers and videographers are to remain behind or to the side of the congregation during the wedding ceremony  -  NOT in the front center aisle.

  4. Any equipment needed by photographers or videographers, such as extension cords, must be supplied by them.


  1. Only music of a sacred or classical nature is appropriate. Please have music approved by Fr. Richard.
  2. The Church has its own sound-system. Please contact Chuck Lauer at 254-544-6167 if you wish to bring in any additional equipment.
  3. The piano and organ are not to be moved under any circumstances.
  4. The parish Wedding Coordinator will recommend names of musicians if needed.


  1. Special Wedding Rooms:  The Bride’s Room and the designated Groom’s Room are located off the foyer.

  2. Clearing the Church:  The Church proper, Bride’s Room, Groom’s Room, foyer and restrooms need to be left in the same condition as found. Please remove all floral paper, food, drinks, boxes and all materials brought into the Church for the ceremony.


  1. Readings:  The bride and groom will need to consult with Fr. Richard when selecting the Scripture readings and music. Your selections need to be turned in at least one week before the wedding.

  2. Preparing the Wedding Program:  Church staff will provide advice and samples; however, typing and printing of the program are the responsibility of the wedding party.

  3. Ceremony and Rehearsal Times:  All wedding times are booked for a three (3) hour time slot (1 ½ hours before and after the ceremony.) Wedding rehearsals are scheduled for a one (1) hour time slot and are usually held one or two days before the ceremony. Please be on time. If your ceremony or rehearsal begins late, due to wedding party delay, you still must be out of the Church by the agreed upon time.  All wedding party members must attend the rehearsal and be at the church 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony.


Couples planning to marry should contact their Priest or Deacon at least nine months prior to their wedding date in order to begin the marriage preparation process. Couples planning to attend the diocesan pre-marriage retreat, “Together in God’s Image,” are encouraged to register as soon as possible. NOTE: All engaged couples must have taken either the FOCCUS or PREPARE Assessment before attending the “Together in God’s Image” classes or retreats.

Couples must register: Please contact the Wedding Coordinator at 254-698-2990 / or contact the diocesan Family Life Office at 512-949-2495.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has produced a new web site that provides useful resources and information for those contemplating marriage: .

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