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I.    Purpose/Administration of Religious Formation Program

II.   Registration for New School Year

III.  Religious Formation Calendar (TBP)

I.   The purpose of Religious Formation for Children is to assist the parents in the religious upbringing of their children, always recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children on the path of faith.  Parents undertake this obligation when they ask for their children to be baptized.

The religious instructors of the children undertake to teach the children Catholic Doctrine as prescribed by the official Magisterium of the Church and handed down through the Bishop of the Diocese of Austin. This Doctrine will always be in accord with Revelation, both in Tradition and Scripture.

To ensure that this Doctrine is faithfully adhered to, we ensure that the teachers are informed, practicing Catholics who have a deep personal prayer life and love for the children that they teach. The Director of Religious Education and the Pastor of the Parish will monitor this education. The parents/guardians of the children, on their part, undertake to ensure that the teaching their children receive is supported by their practice of the Catholic faith in its moral and doctrinal teachings. This presupposes that the children are attending Sunday Mass each week, are regularly attending Confession and receiving Holy Communion, and are leading a prayerful life according to their age. So that this cooperation between parents and teachers is successful, the following rules will apply:

1)  Only registered students and teachers may enter the rooms and corridors of the Religious Education Center. Parents assisting in classes, meeting with a teacher, etc., will report to the Center Office and sign-in prior to entering the halls or classrooms. Each person will sign-out upon leaving.

2)  Children should arrive on time for class. Those who arrive late for class will not be admitted.

3)  Please ensure your child is prepared to begin class upon arrival. Also, please refrain from sending a child with any illness to class. If a child complains of illness, a parent will be contacted to pick-up the child.

4)  We ask that children do not bring food, drink, or gum into the Center. Children should not bring toys to class unless instructed to do so by their teacher.

5)  Children may not leave the classroom during instruction and may only be excused early from class when a parent arrives to sign them out at the Center Office.

6)  The Center Office closes 15 minutes after the end of classes and children must be collected during that time. All children are required to leave the Center with their parent or guardian unless otherwise prearranged.

7)  Any disruptive, unruly or bullying behavior will result in the dismissal of the child from Religious Instruction. The parents will be notified prior to dismissal both verbally and in writing, and be given the necessary books for home instruction. Any damage to Center equipment or property by children will be pursued through legal means as would the possession of alcohol, drugs, weapons, or items used as weapons.

8) The Diocese of Austin Family Prayer Book, provided at initial registration, contains valuable information for the faith formation of the children. We ask that you please read through it carefully and assist your children in mastering the grade appropriate prayers and teachings. We ask that you also review all class work and homework.

9)  The Religious Education Center not only encourages parents to participate in their child's religious formation but also depends upon that participation, requiring 6 hours of volunteer work and/or formation classes per family each year. In May, each family will be asked to contribute $8 for each unfulfilled volunteer hour. The volunteer logbook is kept in the entrance of the Religious Education Center. You are responsible for recording your hours. At the end of April, the volunteer coordinator will total the hours entered. Any outstanding hours will be billed at the cost of $8 per hour.


While the above rules will be enforced, we are aware that your children bring with them the very presence of Jesus Christ and it is our honor to be able to impart to them, along with you the parents, the great privilege we have in being His sons and daughters. So we shall try together, to create in the Center a place of holiness, joy, and a thirst for knowledge.

Monitor the Parish Weekly Bulletin and this website for information on registration and the start of classes for the new school year: usually Aug./Sep.  (See below.)


For Questions and/or detailed information on Registration or the CCD Program, please contact the Director of Religious Education, Michael Candelas at 254-285-8973 or or the Parish Secretary, Debbie, at / 254-698-4110.





For Questions on the RCIA program, please contact Brian Egan at, or the Parish Secretary.

For Questions on the Adult Faith Formation/Movie Ministry program, please contact Deacon Al Ponce at 681-8675, or the Parish Secretary.


2017 - 2018 ccd registration...

All families registering a child for CCD must be a member of the parish. If not already registered, please register and become a member by completing a Parish Registration Form. Parish Registration forms are available in the church vestibule, the church office (located in the Old Parish Hall), and on the church web site. Please hand in the completed forms to the church office or place in the collection basket.

All new CCD registrants and First Communion students must submit a copy of a birth and baptism certificate. First Communion students must complete two consecutive years of religious education prior to receiving the sacrament.

All new CCD students preparing to receive a sacrament must submit a letter from their previous parish stating they have completed all the previous education noted, if applicable.

All students who have received first Communion must submit a copy of birth, baptism and First Communion certificates.

A minimum of two consecutive years of formal religious education in a parish or Catholic school program must precede the preparation program for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Please complete one copy of the "Family Information" form.
Complete one copy per child of the "CCD Student Registration" form. (Emergency contact should be someone other than parent.)
Please be sure to complete all information requested and sign the "Permission to Transport".

Bring one copy of birth certificate and requested sacrament documents as needed. We ask that you please write legibly. Be sure to include a working email address so we may keep you informed of all Religious Education Information and events.

Please have all certificates and letters along with payment of $40 per child with a maximum of $120 per family at time of registration. Please make checks payable to: St. Paul Chong Hasang Catholic Church.

BRING THE REGISTRATION FORMS TO the Religious Formation Center. (The Religious Formation Center is the building to your far left as you turn into the main Church parking lot from FM 2410.)

2017 - 2018  CCD SCHEDULE PLANS...(Subject to change - check the CHURCH bulletin each week.)

  • Close Registration   -   August 20, 2017
  • CCD Classes begin   -  Wed., Sept. 4 and Sun., Sept. 10
  • Catechetical Sunday   -   Theme - "Living as Missionary Disciples"  -  Sept. 17
  • Final CCD Classes for 2018:
    Sunday Classes  -  May 13, 2018
    Wednesday Classes   -  May 16, 2018
  • Catechist Appreciation Day   -  May 23, 2018
  • Ash Wednesday   -  Feb. 14, 2018
  • Palm Sunday   -  March 25, 2018
  • Good Friday   -  March 30, 2018
  • Easter   -  April 1, 2018
  • Projected First Communion   -  May 6, 2018
  • May Crowning   -  Sunday, May 13, 2018










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